4K Ultra High Definition Media Server for Aircraft demonstrated by RightHand Technologies

4k Ulta Highdef Media Server

Chicago IL (March 30, 2014) RightHand Technologies, a leading electronics design and manufacturing company specializing in sophisticated Aerospace video applications, is demonstrating for the first time its 4K Ultra High-Definition Media Server at the 2014 Aircraft Interiors Expo Booth 61A31. This hardware and software, developed by the RightHand Technologies engineers, shows true 3840 x 2048 resolution video delivered at 60 frames per second to a video wall of four 1080 HD displays, for an impressive crystal clear, jitter free Ultra-HD viewing experience. The prototype system demonstrates the technical capability of the 4K media experience, and the future of hi-end inflight entertainment systems. View Product Specifications Here

In the media server demonstration, the full 3840 x 2048 stored video is delivered over four 3G-SDI cables to four 24’ 1080 video displays, synchronized to create one consistent 4K image. The major advantages of SDI copper cables are distance and cable weight. While HDMI-2 is practically limited to 25 feet or less, 3G-SDI cable specifications can reach 20 times that distance. The practical length for 3G-SDI is dependent upon the diameter of the cable, among other factors. In our demo, with very thin 3G-SDI cables, we have shown only minor loss of signal integrity at over 100 feet. The flexibility of longer cable length removes constraints on the IFE installation by allowing significant distance between the media server and display.

While the RightHand Technology demonstration shows a media wall consisting of four displays, the released media server can either be paired with a display supporting four 3G-SDI inputs, or used with a RightHand Technologies converter board that will merge the four signals into one HDMI-2 or one Display Port in order to support any vendor’s displays. An alternate configuration will be to support four individual 1080p displays. Future releases will have the option of a fiber connection as well. Media storage space is flexible, depending upon the specific applications for the media server device.

Another significant advantage of the RightHand Technologies media server is the speed. Video data is streamed at full 60 frames per second, twice the frame rate of most media delivery systems, which are limited to 24Hz or 30Hz. For displays supporting 120Hz, 240Hz or even 480Hz, the 60Hz delivered data stream will result in much higher picture quality as more raw data is being delivered to the screen.

The 4K Ultra High Definition Media Server demonstration unit being shown at AIX is an early prototype. The final hardware carrier board will be fan-less, FAA DO-160 certified, and smaller in size as we incorporating the FPGA and SGI ports onto a single board. We invite you to visit our booth and see where the next generation of video is headed

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Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Chicago IL. RightHand Technologies is a leading design and manufacturing company focused on ruggedized designs, video processing, and low-power portable solutions for various industries, including aerospace, defense, industrial automation and gaming. The company’s expertise focuses on taking complex electronic system requirements from concept through design, specialized manufacturing and sophisticated functional testing in order to create manufactured products that can pass rigorous agency approvals

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