History of RightHand Technologies

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2016 - RightHand Technologies becomes an EASA Repair Station.

2015 - RightHand Technologies becomes an FAA Part 145 Repair Station.

June 2013 - RightHand Technologies consolidates all 3 offices into a new headquarters facility at 7450 W Wilson Ave, Chicago, IL 60706.

April 2012 - RightHand Technologies earns ISO 9001 Registration for Quality Processes.

January 2012 - RightHand Technologies receives ITAR Registration approval from State Department as a manufacturer of components used in certain US military devices which are considered weapons systems and are listed on the US Munitions List.

January 2011 - RightHand Technologies hires a full time Quality Manager.

August 2010 - RightHand Technologies acquires Solid Logic Design and expands the ability to provide Mechanical design services.

April 2010 - RightHand Technologies opens Wooddale Manufacturing Plant opens, enabling them to offer full Design and Manufacturing services to their clients.

2009 - RightHand Technologies and SSI Embedded Systems merge into one company. Michele Mordacq joins RightHand as Vice President of Software Development.

2008 - RightHand Technologies became an associate member of PICMG (COM/Express) and RTCA-FAA Certification. Steve Valentor joins RightHand as CEO.

2007 - SSI 15th Anniversary celebration and open house was well received by the 60+ clients, engineers and networking friends that attended. Established formal partnerships with TI, Freescale and Digi International.

2006 - The Wireless Sensing product developed in collaboration with Tekscan wins Best of Sensors award at Sensors Expo 2006. In addition, the product gets listed in Sensors Magazine Top 50 Products for 2006. Launched sister company, SSI Wireless. Purchased and moved to a larger building next door to make room for additional staff. Moved December 2006.

2005 - RightHand Technologies ships first in-flight entertainment system. RightHand Technologies expanded into offices from Wood Dale to Edison Park office. The move provided the company a significant increase in office and laboratory space.

2003 - SSI moves to expanded facilities in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Solutions in 2003 include development for Invensys Appliance Control and Schott (oven controls) - two respected companies in their industry. Solutions also include an in-store trial for an inventory control system, and a solution for the retail stocking industry using machine to machine(M2M) and sensors technology.

2002 - RightHand Technologies was found by Mark Loffredo, the company’s President and Chief Technology Officer, and Jeff Slawecki, as Chief Operating Officer.

1992 - SSI Embedded Systems began in 1992 under the name of Systems & Synchronous, Inc (SSI) with a team of 12 engineers from AT&T Bell Labs. During the years at Bell Labs, the group had worked for a data communications division, which was sold in 1990 to Memorex Telex. In 1992, Memorex decided to relocate the group from Naperville IL to its headquarters in Raleigh, NC. The resulting upheaval opened up an opportunity for a group of experienced engineers to form a consulting company and stay in the Chicago area. They successfully secured a multi-year contract with Memorex Telex to write embedded software for communications controllers.