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2014 RightHand Customer Survey

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RightHand Customer Satisfaction Survey Results
Last Updated - May 2014

RightHand's clients love us! In our most recent survey, 100% of respondents ranked us a 4 or 5 on overall customer satisfaction.

Every 6 months, RightHand surveys customers for feedback on performance, asking probing questions about their experiences with communication, quality, service and RightHand’s commitment to the quality development process. In every category, RightHand customers ranked us highly.

Customers who expressed an opinion said that RightHand had met or exceeded expectations. And, EVERY customer said they would both use RightHand again AND recommend RightHand to others.

Survey Results Report Card:

*(4 = Met Expectation, 5 = Exceeds Expectation)


Overall Quality of Engineering Deliverables

4.5 out of 5


Overall Technical Expertise

4.3 out of 5


Overall Quality and Frequency of Communications with Engineers

4 out of 5

Customer Comments:

"We have always enjoyed working with RightHand for our software needs. Service has always been on time and accurate."

"Technical support is fantastic. This is the single biggest reason we give so much business to RightHand Technologies."