Device Driver Development / Boot Loaders

Device Driver DeveloperDevice driver development is no easy task and writing one from scratch isn't for the average software engineer. It's a specialized task that requires knowledge of low level system software, a thorough understanding of hardware, and in-depth knowledge of the operating system internals.

Among the different types of device drivers that your team may require expertise: char drivers, PCI drivers, USB drivers, Block drivers, TTY drivers and Network device drivers.

A device driver and boot loader developer may be responsible for:

  • Concurrency and Race Conditions
  • Time, Delays and Delayed Work
  • Interrupt Handling
  • Memory Allocation
  • Memory Mapping and DMA
  • Communicating with Hardware
  • Data Types

RightHand has experience in developing, upgrading and resolving issues with both Linux and Windows device drivers. View our resume of device driver project successes and customer testimonials.