Processor Architectures

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  • ARM (Advanced Risc Machines)
  • Intel x86, Pentium, XScale and 8051
  • Texas Instruments and Analog Devices DSP, TI DaVinci
  • Xilinx Embedded PowerPC, MicroBlaze and custom processor cores
  • Freescale Dragon Ball, PowerPC, 68K, HC16, HC11, HC08, HC05
  • MIPS and MIPS core processors
  • Atmel AVR
  • Hitachi H8, H16, SH, Mitsubishi M16C
  • 805x derivatives (Atmel, Phillips, Siemens (Infineon), ST, AD, etc.)
  • Microchip PIC, Zilog Z8 and eZ80
  • Marvell/XScale

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