Embedded Applications

Embedded Systems EngineerThe term "embedded application" is a very broad term which means in our world, quite simply - software for hardware devices. Just about everything we use day-to-day has some software that drives its functionality - your TV, your cell phone, your automobile... you get the idea. Many times, you'll hear "embedded software" referred to as firmware.

What type of embedded software? Embedded software runs the gamut from low-level layers such as protocol stacks and device drivers to upper level layers such as web-based/Windows user interfaces.

Types of Hardware Devices: What type of embedded hardware devices? Embedded hardware can be anything from a hand-held device like a PDA to a kitchen appliance to an automobile or jet.

A good understanding of both hardware and software is a unique combination of skills. This is RightHand's signature skillset: experienced embedded software/hardware engineers. And when you have good people, you can accomplish great things.