SSI's Open House and 15th Anniversary Party Proves Enlightening
Embedded Products are Diverse, Engineers are a Social Lot

SSI's April Open House and 15th Anniversary Party was well received by the 60+ clients, engineers and networking friends that attended. Guests particularly enjoyed getting an up-close under-the-cover look at the diverse embedded products that SSI engineers develop. The gamut of product displays included a global positioning system (GPS), an inventory control system, a touch panel appliance, a badge scanner, a gaming sign and devices built with wireless sensors.

"Even though I'd been a client for many years, I didn't know SSI worked on such a variety of product types", commented one guest. Another guest commented, "There were a lot of really cool products, and I stayed longer than expected."

Software and hardware engineers are sometimes stereotyped as anti-social: programming from a closet and living on pizza that’s shoved under the door. SSI's party helped dispel that notion as everyone enjoyed an evening of talking and playing games on the Wii. Guests extolled how personable, enthusiastic and fun the SSI engineers were.

During the event, an entertaining slideshow played in a section of the lab: rotating photographs of SSI engineers holding their favorite embedded system. What are those favorite embedded systems? Everything from a Tickle-Me-Elmo toy to cellphones. Here are a few of those photos:

Dodge Viper Playstation Portable (PSP) iPass Toll Transponder Microwave Communicator (A device used to communicate with Autistic children)

SSI recent move to their new building in December of 2006 prompted the idea to host an Open House. The Open House provided the perfect occasion to showcase customer products as well as provide an opportunity for clients to interact with each other — and with SSI's engineering teams.

The year 2007 marks SSI's 15th Anniversary. SSI has been in business since 1992. While other embedded development companies came and went, SSI stayed the course for 15 years. 15 years of successful product development is something worth celebrating!