Embedded Web and Windows GUI

Software EngineerAnyone can build a web page, and just about anyone who knows a little bit about programming can whip together a Windows application. When you add a piece of hardware in the mix, it can get complicated.

Depending upon the platform and project, your HTML may need to be embedded in C code, may require a customized HTTP header so that the calling application can properly process a request, or maybe you just need a browser screen to update itself reliably and without user interaction - simulating an "always on" connection.

At RightHand, engineers are trained to produce great user interfaces, so that your product is both reliable and great. Windows user interfaces are programmed in either Windows CE or Windows XP. Web interfaces are programmed in HTML/CSS and are often embedded in C, C++, or Java.

Other user interface development skills include:

  • Understanding of the unique communications to hardware devices - RightHand engineers can guide you in making both hardware and software design decisions that produce a reliable and easy-to-support architecture. They also understand the unique memory requirements that challenge embedded user interface designs.

    When the code is not the problem, experienced engineers can identify compiler, API and browser bugs to prevent unexpected delays in the successful release of your product.

  • Common sense approach to usability - RightHand engineers understand that it doesn't matter if an application works if no one understands how to use it. Interfaces are designed so that messages are something the user can understand, not just another engineer.

  • Ability to program raw code - C, C++, Java, Windows CE, Windows XP and/or HTML. Engineers may use design-based editors for convenience and faster productivity, but their understanding of the underlying code and how it interacts with hardware is what gets projects moving forward.

  • Possess creative flare to design a product that inspires customer confidence - Your application has got to look good too.

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