Embedded Systems Whitepapers

Whitepaper DownloadRemote Device Monitoring - The solution for networking devices, remotely collecting data and analyzing the information is not easy.  Complexities arise when aligning IT, R&D, End Users and Management, whose coordinated efforts are needed to make a solution a success.

This whitepaper examines the business process of going from a useful idea to a solution that effects the company as a whole - in 10 simple steps.

Developing a Controller Using Design Patterns - Practical example of how to use software design patterns in modeling real-world embedded systems applications. By illustrating how to apply design patterns during development of a garage door controller, we demonstrate the important benefits of state design patterns: Software Modularity, Code Re-usability, Improved Maintainability, Lower Costs, Faster Time-to-Market.

Hiring a Technical Consultant - How to work with a technical consultant and get what you've paid for! This powerful manual explains how to evaluate projects for outsource, how to select consultants, how to negotiate a proposal and how to stay in control. These tips will help avoid the costly mistakes common with outsourcing a technical project.