John Rufo

Director of Business Development

John RufoJohn Rufo is RightHand Technologies' Director of Business Development for our West Coast office. His role is to assist in the long-term growth of RightHand Technologies by helping develop and sustain our business relationships within the aerospace and military industries in the western region.

John has 28 years of experience in sales, product development, and engineering, with extensive experience in Military/Aerospace, Medical and Industrial Power industries. His background includes sales for technology companies including Astrodyne Corporation, Iconics Corporation, Opto22, and Analogics. Prior to working with rugged power supply design and industrial controls, John worked as an engineer in the telecommunications industry. John's expertise includes Power Distribution Solutions that require high integration and custom design in the Avionics, Military/Aerospace, Medical and Industrial marketplaces.

John has a B.S.E.E in Bio-medical Engineering from Boston University, Boston, MA.