Enclosure Design

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Our Mechanical Design team has developed dozens of enclosures for a wide variety of electronics including handheld devices, ruggedized enclosure for aerospace applications, sensors, and gaming equipment. The project steps start with your ideas and visions. This turns into an industrial design, followed by detailed mechanical drawings and then rapid prototypes. Of course, there are review milestones at every step along the way to make sure that the design is progressing as you intended. Final Mechanical designs move into production with ease as the RightHand team produces all of the documentation required to manufacture your products.

Our team is used to rugged environments and stringent agency requirements on materials, weights, emissions, and thermal requirements. We keep these in mind at the concept phase to ensure that the end product meets all of your certification needs.

Mechanical EnclosureAnother advantage to working with the RightHand team is evident when an electronic device is having trouble passing EMI testing. Our electronics and mechanical groups work together on the best methods to alleviate the problems. Proposed solutions could be enclosure seals, shielding, or an electronic board change to reduce the noise. By working together, the most expedient and effective modifications are made so that testing can continue.