Networks and Communications Product Development

Network and Communications DeveloperRightHand's network engineers have a deep understanding of the network stack as it pertains to your platform or technology from the basic TCP/IP stack to specialized networks stacks such as Wind River's real-time operating system, VxWorks network stacks, Windows socket development and WinSock programming.

RightHand engineers are adept at:

  • Configuring Protocols.
  • Using Protocol Analyzers/Packet Sniffers.
  • Tuning of the Network Stack for High-performance - Especially Low-level Protocol Development.
  • Implementation of Proprietary Protocols (Such as Gaming Applications).
  • Understanding Specialized Communication Protocols such as BACnet for Industrial and Heating Elements.

While each solution is unique, they all have the same end result in common: faster, leaner applications that minimize bandwidth without sacrificing quality and reliability. No network communications project can be successful without the right people.

There are lots of software shops that may promise the same things; however, at RightHand, you can be assured of our skills aren't an empty promise. Simply view our resume of networking project successes and customer testimonials. Outsourcing a network or protocol project shouldn't come with additional risks.