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Sept 2015   RightHand Technologies Sept 2015 Newsletter

May 2015   RightHand Technologies Approved as Certified FAA Repair Station

Oct 2014   4K Ultra High Definition Media Server for Aircraft demonstrated by RightHand Technologies at NBAA (National Business Aviation Association)

May 2014   RightHand Technologies May 2014 Newsletter

April 2014   4K Ultra High Definition Media Server for Aircraft demonstrated by RightHand Technologies at AIX (Aircraft Interiors Expo, Hamburg Germany)

March 2014   LA Sales signs on as Rep for RightHand Technologies Design Services

Feb 2014   RightHand Technologies Ships 1000's Bulkhead Display Unit

Oct 2013   RightHand Technologies Exhibits at NBAA National Business Jet Association in Las Vegas: October 2013 Newsletter

Aug 2013   RightHand Technologies certified in ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100:2009

July 2013   RightHand Technologies attends AUVSI (Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems) Trade Show in Washington DC: July 2013 Newsletter

July 2013   See RightHand Technologies in the news:
Modifying LCDS to be Flight Ready in July issue of Aerospace Manufacturing and Design.

June 2013   RightHand Technologies consolidates all 3 offices into a new headquarters facility at 7450 W Wilson Ave, Chicago, IL 60706.
See pictures of our new space.

April 2013   RightHand Technologies On the Move April 2013 Newsletter

March 2013   John Rufo joins RightHand Technologies as Director of Business Development.

Jan 2013   RightHand Technologies enters into agreement to purchase new headquarters building in Chicago neighborhood.

July 2012   RightHand Technologies completes development on ruggedized handheld device for military.

May 2012   RightHand Technologies issues updated supplier manual for all vendors.

April 2012   RightHand Technologies Earns ISO 9001 Registration for Quality Processes
RightHand Technologies has received its registration from DNV Business Assurance after they assessed the company's quality systems and found it to be in compliance with ISO 9001:2008.

April 2012   Lorin Sandler joins RightHand Technologies as Vice President, Business Development.

Jan 2012   RightHand Technologies receives ITAR registration approval.

Sept 2011   RightHand Technologies delivers FAA-certified bulkhead display for business-class jets.

Nov 2010   RightHand Technologies - In the Press
This article was printed in the October 2010 issue of Military Embedded Systems. It outlines how COM Express designs build flexibility into military and other ruggedized product designs.

Sept 2010   RightHand Technologies selected as Kontron COM Express Certified Partner
RightHand Technologies has been selected as one of a small number of Certified Design Partners. Criteria for selection is demonstrated expertise in COM Express and other complex Embedded technologies.

Feb 2010   Righthand Technologies merges with SSI
RightHand Technologies merger with SSI enables delivery of complete embedded systems to customers - RightHand Technologies a full service embedded electronic systems design services firm, today announced it has merged with SSI Embedded Systems Programming, a software engineering services firm based in Glen Ellyn, Ill.

May 2009   7 Tips to Success for Outsource Success Without Loosing Control - For those who have never turned over development to others, this can be a scary experience.  How do you get help without loosing control?  

Remote Device Monitoring -The solution for networking devices, remotely collecting data and analyzing the information is not easy. Complexities arise when aligning IT, R&D, End Users and Management, whose coordinated efforts are needed to make a solution a success. Understand the next Business Steps for Implementing a Successful Remote Device Monitoring Solution.

Force Sensors DesignSSI in the news: Force Sensors for Design, a topic brought to you by SSI's sensor partner Tekscan along with Machine Design. Tekscan quotes SSI regarding what to consider when choosing a technology partner.
  • Comparison of various force sensing technologies such as load cells, piezoresistive and capacitive sensors.
  • Discussion of issues including power consumption, size, cost and durability.
  • The background of thin and flexible tactile sensors.
  • Real-life examples of how thin and flexible tactile force sensors have contributed to the success of OEMs in a variety of applications and industries.
  • What to consider in choosing a technology partner, including engineering support, customization and manufacturing capabilities.

Oct 2008   Featured Article: Writing Efficient Code - Encourage Efficient Coding Without Affecting Coding Time. Most writers of embedded code think little about optimizing functions for the underlying microprocessor execution. Sure, modern code optimization technology is usually extremely good, but not all compilers are flawless. Sometimes they can produce some unexpected and undesirable results.

Design Interior LED Lighting System for High End Private Aircraft
With FAA regulations for noise reduction, the challenge of this project was to create a “quiet” network of interior LED lights that could be controlled from the cockpit.

Letter to the Editor
Possible improvements to the garage door state design.

May 2008   Featured Article: Developing a Controller Using Design Patterns - Practical example of how to use software design patterns in modeling real-world embedded systems applications. By illustrating how to apply design patterns during development of a garage door controller, we demonstrate the important benefits of state design patterns: software modularity, code re-usability, improved maintainability, lower costs, faster time-to-market.

Embedded Case Studies bySSI Wireless:
Wireless Integration of Tank Monitoring System to Measure Liquid Levels

GUI for Wireless Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

Feb 2008  

Newsletter - Real-Time Review
Twice a year RightHand emails a survey to gather customer feedback to gauge if the development experience met expectations. Feedback, whether negative or positive, is essential to improving our process. Read Customer Comments...

Often overlooked is the fact that good design documents help us build better products, help us get to market more quickly and in turn, help our sales department sell more, so we can press on to the next project or feature. How can a Design Document Help You?

Firmware Testing SDK. A powerful way to run test codes using C++ and provided APIs.

Past Articles

An Overview of The Testing Methodologies Employed During the Software Development Process.

Jack Ganssle, renowned author and speaker on embedded software visits SSI. Read what SSI engineers got out of the discussion. PLUS: read Jack's article on Real-World Firmware Disasters. Consider the Mars Polar Lander, a 1999 triple failure...

The SSI Open House and 15th Anniversary Proved to be Enlightening: embedded products are diverse, engineers are a social lot.

Review of nPhase's (a Qualcomm company), Third Annual Smart Services Summit - Building the Business Case for Smart Services and Tips for Rolling Out Smart Service Solutions...

Review of the RTECC Show - Despite the Lack of Exhibitor Participation, a Few Gems Could be Found...

OS Selection - One of the most critical decisions that first arise when starting a new Embedded Systems Project is the selection of the Operating System (OS).The proper or improper choice of an OS can affect every aspect of the development project - from licensing costs to development time.

 The Eclipse Platform - Eclipse in it's most common form is a highly extensible IDE. It has many familiar and useful features such as including a context-sensing editor, source code control and file management.

Scope Creep - Is This the "Bug" That is Keeping Your Products From Going to Market?

Bugzilla - Tracking software bugs is not just for developers, it's for customers too. Read this review about the flexibility of Bugzilla's features.

TI's DaVinci Technology, a Unique Hardware/Software Solution
RightHand's Recap of the TI Developer Conference in Dallas
Employment Trends in the Embedded Systems Market

Past Press Releases  

Developing a Low-cost Sensor-Based Wireless Product Just Got Easier as SSI Wireless Becomes a Digi Gold-Level Drop-in Networking Partner.

SSI Embedded Systems Utilizes TI’s Low-Power RF and MCU Technology to Develop Advanced Wireless Sensing Applications...

SSI Embedded Systems Commemorates 15th Anniversary at Open House March 14

Emerging Opportunities in Wireless Product Development Compels Expansion for Embedded Systems Company

 Tekscan Collaborates with SSI to Deliver Wireless ELF Force Sensor Measurement System

SSI Embedded Systems Programming CEO Elected to IT Association Board

SSI is granted certification as a Women's Business Enterprise by WBENC