Our Engineers - Choosing the Right Team

Embedded EngineerThe project is technical, the expertise required is unique, and you want smart, talented people to help get the job done. But that is not all. More importantly, consultants must work well with you and your internal team, communicate what they are doing, take directions well, teach as they go along. In the end you are stronger and can continue on without help. RightHand's job is to produce fast results by working closely with your team and deliver exactly what they need to move on. Our staff is friendly and approachable.

  • Need someone to step in until a full-time employee can be hired and trained?
  • Looking to get that project completed more rapidly?
  • Need specific skills in hardware integration or networking that you simply do not have in-house?

At RightHand, we often work behind the scenes, offering resources such in the form of knowledge, experience, special skills, time and/or personnel to fill your urgent needs. Typically projects are contracted to RightHand in whole or in part. Sometimes, our developers will work at your offices, but typically, projects are completed at our location - giving you the benefits of an entire team's skills and not just an individual. View the results of our Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

One thing that RightHand is NOT - a search firm with a database of resumes identifying employee candidates for your selection. We do not place candidates for permanent employment.

We are very upfront and honest about who has been assigned to your project, and how their past project experience will benefit the completion of your project. If we don't have anyone, we won't just assign a body. You'll find our honesty, dependability, and experience (and price) refreshing.

Get your product to market swiftly with the embedded systems specialists at RightHand - the right choice for technical resources for your company.