Platform Porting and Migration Product Development

Software Platform Porting and Platform Migration

Migrating products to multiple platforms is often necessary to meet the market’s requirements for software products. RightHand offers turnkey software porting services, typically moving software already in existence to a cost-reduced hardware platform. This usually means that the drivers have to be ported as they are using different and cheaper hardware elements.

RightHand EmployeeOur clients benefit from our experiences using cross-platform porting toolkits and our understanding of porting layers. Whether you're expanding your market reach by adding support for your product across multiple disparate platforms, saving money on platform licensing fees, maintenance and support, or looking to get to market faster by being the first to support a new platform, RightHand can help you.

Software engineering platform porting services for most operating systems including proprietary and licensed operating systems:

  • Linux to Windows
  • Windows to Linux
  • Desktop to web-based
  • Unix/Windows/Web to hand-held devices
  • Green Hills INTEGRITY to Linux

See our systems expertise page for a list of technologies and platforms.

To add additional development resources and platform porting skills that your in-house team may not have, talk to the platform migration experts at RightHand, and get your quality products to market swiftly.