Trade Show Badge Scanner

Tradeshow Badge Scanner with Flexibility

Create software architecture for rapid upgrades and configurability in badge scanning devices for trade shows.

The Client

The client is a leading trade show registration and lead recording service provider that customizes information gathering for their customers. The developed product makes it possible for customers to easily and quickly capture prospective client information while at a tradeshow and record badge information and additional notes.

The Need

RightHand Technologies was commissioned to help create the lead recording device, which included a USB host, a USB device, Bluetooth wireless support and reliable data storage and retrieval. But an important feature is the ability to upgrade and change configurations in the field with no downtime.

The RightHand Solution

The device's design gave greater control over field configurability and upgradeability to ensure clients always received the latest features, and gave them the control to customize lead qualifiers. The customer could now painlessly provide or remove feature options in the field with no downtime.

In addition to leads gathering, the device is also capable of checking badges against registration for access control to events. RightHand delivered a software add-on solution that allowed the new device to function as either a lead recording device or an access control device – using a simple software download to the same hardware. By reusing the lead recording code base, RightHand was able to deliver access control functionality in a fraction of time while maintaining a level of usability.

The Results

By developing a project roadmap with rolling feature release schedule and delivering frequent release of new features within the easy-to-upgrade architecture, RightHand made it possible for the client to unveil exciting advances on a near continual basis and satisfy the customer's ever changing needs. RightHand's designed for the source code framework made it easy to to accommodate and rapid feature integration for new requests.