Carotid Artery Occlusion Screening Device

Cardio Diagnostic Device

Signal processing hardware components for a medical diagnostic product used for the early detection of carotid arterial blockage.

The Client

A medical device company that develops and commercializes the science of infrasonics for the medical industry.

The Need

The client developed a diagnostic device for primary care physicians to use in the early detection of carotid arterial blockage, the most direct risk factor for a stroke. But the preliminary device needed more than 20 minutes to run the analysis algorithm on the data collected, and they needed significant improvement in the speed and accuracy of that analysis.

The RightHand Solution

RightHand Technologies developed three printed circuit boards for the diagnostic device:

  • An acceleration board, which greatly increased the execution of the data analysis algorithm and reduced the analysis time to less than one minute.
  • A sensor board, which accurately captured the sounds coming from the carotid arteries and the heart.
  • And an audio data board, which gathered the audio data, converted it from analog to digital and transferred the results to a computer.

The Results

The system functions per the requirements, with significant increase in diagnostic analysis. Units are currently in clinical trials at hospitals and the client is applying for the agency approvals needed to bring the product to market.