Motherboard for TouchTunes PlayPorTT

portable game port

Designed the motherboard used in the a portable wireless game and music system for clubs, restaurants, retailers and bars.

The Client

TouchTunes Corporation, a provider of innovative interactive games and entertainment devices to restaurants, retailers, bars and other businesses.

The Need

As the client defined a new product offering, it included a flat-panel console that gives patrons anywhere in an establishment, access to a full range of game content and music in combination with a digital jukebox system. The new product required a portable architecture that was wireless, rugged and lightweight. They needed a development partner to build the hardware, and RightHand Technologies was the logical choice.

The RightHand Solution

The team at RightHand Technologies designed the motherboard for the system. It features low power consumption, high-quality video, a touch-screen interface, networking, storage and a security mechanism to prevent theft. The motherboard’s design made the units easy to use, rugged and lightweight for portability, and it enabled industrial designers to develop an eye-catching housing that would attract patrons.

The Results

With thousands of units built and placed in hundreds of locations, PlayPorTT has been a big success. TouchTunes has hired RightHand Technologies to develop a new, enhanced design with greater functionality.