Casino Gaming Network Protocol

Casino gaming network protocol

Enhanced casino game display with extended communication protocols to support a variety of gaming networks.

The Client

Client is a leading, diversified supplier of gaming equipment and systems to the international gaming industry. As the global leader in integrated casino management services, their goal is to produce reliable feature-rich gaming operations for its customer's casinos.

While working with every major casino in the world, they use multiple software packages to help those casinos keep their customers coming and staying longer. Through progressive jackpot technology, an expanding range of slot and table games, and advanced player tracking technology, the client not only improves the casino visitor experience, but also helps casinos maintain the integrity of their customers.

The Need

The client came to RightHand Technologies with a request to upgrade the communications protocol on an electronic LCD panel used in one of their casino games. They said they regularly look for ways to apply their networked slot gaming systems to multiple environments. The purpose of upgrading the protocol was to allow for the deployment in additional customer networks and show jackpot pool information on the LCD as well as display celebrations when these jackpots are won.

The RightHand Solution

RightHand responded to the task by enhancing the proprietary communication protocol, making it more flexible for a variety of environments. The resulting message-parsing protocols enhanced the LCD display by allowing it to communicate to a variety of different types of network equipment in different jurisdictions. RightHand worked with the client to incorporate the new protocol parser into the existing platform code, and then delivered it for testing in a live gaming environment.

The Results

With the enhancements added by RightHand Technologies, the client was able to utilize existing hardware at several new installations, thus improving the profitability from the hardware design.