Solar Sensors with Wireless Mesh Communications

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Design and Manufacture a line of "Green" solar powered wireless sensors for regulated environments such as pharmaceutical, biotech, hospitals, blood banks, IV labs and forensic labs.

The Client

The client is a leader the centralized monitoring systems (CMS) for critical regulated industries. Their CMS was designed with the EPA and FDA Regulation mandates (GLP/GMP) in mind, and makes it a snap to meet regulatory requirements including 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and Joint Commission, FDA AABB, CLIA, ICH, ISO 17025 and other governing agency standards.

The Need

The client was interested in designing a new line of sensors that were wireless and solar powered to provide a "green" battery-less monitoring solution. These systems must be ultra reliable and require little or no maintenance. The previous wireless sensors contain batteries that must be checked and replaced to ensure constant uptime. The requirement for the new product line included support for all the sensor types the client currently offered, including RTD temperature sensors, humidity sensors, voltage sensors, and switch closures.

The RightHand Solution

RightHand Technologies' engineers completed the design for the solar cell solution with power storage and ultra low power RF transmissions. They provided a board schematic and layout, embedded application firmware, customized RF protocol, power collection and storage circuitry and power management software. The solution used the latest Texas Instruments' ultra low power processor and radio. Power management software monitors power storage and adjusts to the environment while the solar cells collect and store power for operation in evening hours.

The system's gateway communicates with multiple sensors and passes the sensor reading and stored power data to the central monitoring system. The system also used a customized mesh protocol network to shorten the transmission time while extending both distance and hold-up time.

The Results

After several years, the product family is installed in hundreds of hospitals, blood banks, and labs. RightHand Technologies continues to manufacture the devices to meet the client's needs.