Interface Protocol Box for Gaming Jackpot Signs


Create interface protocol box to allow regulated gaming equipment like progressive jackpot signs to be sold into various jurisdictions.

The Client

The Client is a leading, diversified supplier of gaming equipment and systems to the international gaming industry. Their solutions are found in every major casino in the world and include: progressive jackpot technology, an expanding range of slot and table games, interior visual displays and advanced player tracking technology.

The Need

Although the client pioneered the development of progressive jackpot systems for slot machines, and is the world's largest manufacturer of slot controllers and electronic sign displays, they have the issue that each gaming jurisdiction has different standards and different protocols for their equipment. The client approached RightHand when one of their current display sign devices was not compatible with the customer's network.

The RightHand Solution

The problem at hand was one of protocol conversion - a situation RightHand has dealt with many times before in the support of legacy devices. In this case, the sign configuration required an RS485 connector and a proprietary set of commands. The client installing the signs had a TCP/IP network and a proprietary set of their own commands, all based upon XML.

RightHand created a thin-client based solution that did the physical layer conversion, as well as the mapping of the proper command sets so that the sign could be driven by the customer's network.

The Results

The client was totally pleased with the cost-effectiveness of the solution and the timeliness of delivery. They immediately began discussions about a series of other potential projects that the two companies may work on in the future.