GUI for Industrial Printing Press Quality Monitoring System

GUI for Industrial Printing Press Quality Monitoring System

Design and implement a graphical user interface for visual and automatic inspection and alarms for printing press quality monitor system.

The Client

Having almost 10,000 systems installed worldwide, our client has grown into a specialist in printing process controls. Their product lines now include visual inspection, 100% inspection and defect detection, web guiding, web cleaning and static control, bar code verification, Flexo register control, quality control for rubber and tire manufacturing, offset register control and automatic ink metering for web offset.

The Need

The client came to RightHand Technologies seeking experienced software engineers for their new product, which was a Windows GUI Application to control cameras used for the remote monitoring and inspection of a printing press for color quality, ink imperfections (i.e. streaking), bar code accuracy and more. This object-oriented system manipulates camera hardware over a network using a dual monitor with touchscreen and Windows OS. In order to look like an embedded custom device, the normal windows functions were hidden behind a custom graphical interface.

The RightHand Solution

Working with the client engineer responsible for image processing and camera engineering, RightHand created custom windows controls for camera movement, adjustment of zoom and focus, and setting of tolerance levels for error alerts. Using COM/DCOM to communicate with the camera over a network, images representing a larger picture (as wide as 10ft) are pieced together like pieces of a puzzle and are displayed in the client's application. Visible and audible alerts notify the printer operator of errors found in the printing process. Using RightHand's custom camera controls, the device used for closer inspection and tolerance configuration can be at a remote location.

To minimize customer support calls, developers at RightHand Technologies also provided context sensitive help using an embedded web browser.

The Results

As a result of automatic inspection of the printed material, the new product allowed the operators to eliminate and reduce waste while running at the highest possible press speeds with confidence. The print quality is continually monitored and alarms when errors are detected.