Unmanned Aircraft Controller Hardware

Controller hardware for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) ground station used for remote communications and surveillance video processing.

The Client

The Client is a leading manufacturer of Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, used for surveillance and reconnaissance by U.S. Department of Defense and allied military services.

The Need

The client needed a custom carrier board for an unmanned aircraft-to-ground station data transfer and processing system for military reconnaissance. The system had several important requirements:

  • It had to withstand—and be highly reliable in—the most extreme environments, from blistering-hot deserts to bitterly cold tundras
  • It had to be very small, portable and had to have high throughput
  • It had to meet demanding military requirements
  • It had to accept vehicle voltage and convert and regulate it to meet the voltage requirements of all the unit’s components.

In addition, the client wanted a working unit only seven weeks after placing the order.

The RightHand Solution

RightHand Technologies hardware engineers designed a COM Express carrier board that offered the rugged solution that the client was looking for. It included a Type 2 interface, two Gigabyte Ethernet interfaces and SATA Mass storage onboard. For video, the board provided both HDMI and LVDS outputs.

The Results

RightHand Technologies delivered a custom carrier board that met all of the customer’s requirements and within the deadline. The customer was very happy with the design, and the prototype system RightHand Technologies delivered passed its live test demonstrations and performed flawlessly while running continuously for several weeks of extended field testing in the Mojave Desert. Refinements are being made to other components, and development on the rest of the system continues.