AS9100 Certified Software Design Process

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RightHand's In-house Quality Development Process follows CMM Level 3. CMM, Capable Maturity Model, is a design process that has matured with guidance from others including the US Dept. of Defense Software Engineering Institute.

Level 3 CMM processes have established sets of defined and documented standard processes and are occasionally reviewed for additional improvement. Level 3 CMM assures consistency in the development process across the organization.

    Project Management
  • Project plan
  • Project tracking
  • Regularly scheduled status meetings (Internal & Customer)
  • Source control
  • Process for change requests
    Project Startup
  • Review customer requirements
  • Create detailed requirements and review with clients
  • Create architecture/design documents and review with clients
    Project Implementation
  • Hardware and software standards for development
  • Hardware and software inspections to ensure quality
  • Test plans for verification testing
    Project & Document Delivery
  • Post mortem review of all projects (Internal & Customer)
  • Deliver all hardware, software, and documentation for future support
  • Deliver build environment documents
  • Client training if required to take over project on completion

RightHand's extensive Intranet resources keep both new and existing employees current and consistent across the organization. It includes work instructions, document templates and training slides.

Work instructions cover coding standards, hardware standards, reviewers guide, and administrative guides for source code management (Bugzilla, CVS, SVN, SourceSafe). Document templates include formats for documents used throughout our process for requirements, architecture, build environment, status meetings, meeting minutes, reviews, verification testing, inventory tracking, open issues, post mortem and code templates. Training slides are step-by-step guides on topics such as debugging.