Emerging Opportunities in Wireless Product Development
Compels Expansion for Embedded Systems Company

SSI Embedded Systems Programming Responds to Growing Need
for Experienced Wireless Product Development by Opening SSI Wireless

Glen Ellyn, Illinois, September 1, 2006 -- SSI Wireless formed in response to product manufacturers' demand for specialized engineering talent integrating wireless functionality to new and existing product lines. SSI Wireless is a natural outgrowth of the 15 years experience of RightHand Programming (RightHand).

SSI Wireless pairs RF expertise with SSI's core competency of real-time programming for embedded systems and products. This Glen Ellyn based engineering company has traditionally specialized in product development for embedded systems.

Answering to the need for skilled wireless outsourcing partners, SSI leverages experienced engineering talent to modify solutions and components to fit an exact need and to quickly bring a wireless vision to life.

At first, technical reasons kept OEM or product manufacturers from considering wireless features. Michele Mordacq, President of SSI, explains how that has changed, "The lower costs and advanced reliability of wireless communications is causing many of our customers to take another look at adding wireless functionality to their product offerings."

"As recently as one year ago, significant limitations in distance, battery life, security and reliability greatly limited the applications suitable for wireless solutions. Today's technology advancements are opening up some interesting possibilities."

Clearly, wireless access and product development is on the rise. According to TIA's 2006 Telecommunications Market Review and Forecast, U.S. wireless market revenue alone rose 10.7% in 2005 reaching $174.7 billion and is expected to grow to $265.2 billion in 2009.

SSI Wireless has already had early success by partnering with Tekscan to add wireless connectivity to an existing wired product, Tekscan's ELF Force Measurement System. First, the SSI Wireless engineering team created a ZigBee-enabled transceiver to connect to Tekscan force sensors for wireless point-to-multipoint connectivity. A wireless hub was also engineered to collect data from up to eight sensor inputs via a USB-enabled computer. This product innovation received a prestigious Best of Sensors award at the Sensors Expo 2006.

In addition, SSI Wireless has found that companies considering wireless initiatives are sometimes discovering new revenue streams in specialized service offerings.

About SSI Wireless

SSI Wireless specializes in the design and development of wireless products. SSI Wireless is a specialty group of SSI Embedded Systems Programming. The two companies assist R&D principals with embedded real time product design and software development services.

Since 1992, SSI has delivered quality quick-to-market solutions including rapid prototypes, device driver development, boot loaders, firmware, platform porting and embedded user interfaces. Among the current projects are appliance controls, DSL modem firmware, badge scanner and satellite radio.