Sensors and Wireless Sensing Applications

Sensing applications are typically high performance, high resolution, sophisticated monitoring, analysis and pinpoint refined tools critical to your customers operations. RightHand system engineers are here to guide decisions on quantity, power, lifetime considerations and architectural alternatives. Our working knowledge of RF, wireless, protocols, networks and advanced communications systems makes us a reliable resource for your sensor project whether your sensor application is designed for sensing temperature, position, smoke, heat, humidity, chemical, or pressure.

Are you investing too many resources...

  • Resolving issues with challenge-driven protocols?
  • Prototyping a new sensor application?
  • Creating a strong communication feature?
  • Putting together a user-friendly web interface?
  • Or, developing a more robust and intelligent end node?

Or, are you going Wireless with your sensor technology? Each instance of a solution is special in some way – different wireless needs, different sensing technology, different polling rate, different battery life issues, etc...

Sensor DeveloperWe're excited about the future of sensor applications and we've been putting together our own product in our technical lab - working on a sensing application using the emerging ZigBee RF standard for wireless device networking. Contact us to talk about this exciting new off-the-shelf sensor product.

As you approach each new challenge, you can rely on RightHand Programming as your experienced technical partner for developing wired and wireless sensing applications. Sensor applications require fine motor skills, electrical engineering discipline, knowledge of hardware and systems engineering processes, a complete understanding of networking communications, and a working knowledge of test methodologies, objectives, and test plans/procedures/reports for sensing applications. RightHand is your reliable sensor resource partner in your time of need.

View our resume of sensor project successes, network project success and customer testimonials.