Design Services: Software & Firmware

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RightHand Technologies' software engineering team started working together more than 20 years ago as expert contractors for embedded systems software. Our work, first as SSI Embedded Systems and later as part of RightHand Technologies, has included complex software projects for communications, industrial controls, video and audio entertainment systems, surveillance, military handheld devices and low-power sensors. We follow strict engineering methodologies for quality software production and have incorporated best practices into our AS9100 procedures.

Our software design team combines embedded software engineers, program managers, and system testers with the skills necessary to take your product from concept through requirements and design all the way to hardware integration and field trials. We work in close conjunction with our electrical engineering and mechanical engineering teams to coordinate the full product implementation. We support you as you go through field trials and work with you to obtain difficult-to-achieve agency approvals or certifications required by your industry. Completed products can then be manufactured in our dedicated, state-of-the-art, AS9100-certified specialized manufacturing facility.

Software Capabilities

  • AS9100 certified software design process
  • System architecture and design
  • Software requirements
  • Design documents
  • Test plans
  • Software implementation
  • Software testing and verification
  • Software/Hardware integration
  • Certification documentation
  • Transfer-to-production documentation