Biotech/Medical Solutions

RightHand Technologies' engineers have the experience to understand the unique software, hardware, and mechanical development challenges of the biotech and medical industries: from choosing components such as sensors and certified processing platforms, to decisions on device design that will perfectly fit the requirements.

"The best part of the RightHand Experience was RightHand's redesign of our complex, prototype, biomedical sensor array platform into a stable, elegantly simple and cost-effective product."
M.G., Chairman, Mammatech


Embedded OS and GUI for Lab-based Biological Sampling
Packaged embedded OS platform software and custom designed GUI to complete development for a system solution used to count large sets of molecules in a single test tube.

nanotech holographic microscope

Graphical Interface for Biotech Application to Control Optical Traps Through a Microscope
Design Graphical User Interface for a complex system that integrates video from a high-powered microscope with configuration of a laser and holographic optical traps to allow scientists to manipulate cells and other nanoparticles under a microscope.

health steam chamber

Health Spa Steam Chamber
Developed the control panel and user interface for an innovative Spa Steam Chamber that provides oxygenated hydrotherapy for improving individual health and wellbeing.

Cardio Diagnostic Device

Carotid Artery Occlusion Screening Device
Signal processing hardware components for a medical diagnostic product used for the early detection of carotid arterial blockage

medical examination training device

Sensor Pad and Software for Training Doctors in Breast Examinations
This custom designed sensor pad and firmware is used as part of a system for simulation-training of medical professionals on how to accurately and correctly detect tumors in synthetic breast models.