Embedded OS Solutions


Cabin Management, Inflight Entertainment, and Connectivity Electronics for Private Aircraft
Interconnectivity hardware and software providing inflight entertainment, cabin management for environmental control, and connectivity for networks and devices.


Casino Gaming Network Protocol
Enhanced casino game display with extended communication protocols to support a variety of gaming networks.

highrise building

HVAC Bacnet Controller Application
Linux Device driver and kernel changes to enhance protocol and timing constraints for BACnet HVAC controller.


Trade Show Badge Scanner with Flexibility
Create software architecture for rapid upgrades and configurability in badge scanning devices for trade shows.

Military Handheld Computer

Rugged Handheld Portable Military Computer
Hardware circuit board and embedded software, including OS, drivers and applications for a MIL-STD certified rugged handheld device.


Embedded OS and GUI for Lab-based Biological Sampling
Packaged embedded OS platform software and custom designed GUI to complete development for a system solution used to count large sets of molecules in a single test tube.

GUI for Industrial Printing Press Quality Monitoring System GUI for Industrial Printing Press Quality Monitoring System
Design and implement a graphical user interface for visual and automatic inspection and alarms for printing press quality monitor system.

manufacturing device communications

Network Analyzer for Industrial Protocol Monitoring
Develop software for a diagnostic tool used by field engineers when solving communications issues on a Profibus or Fieldbus network in an industrial manufacturing environment.

candy shelves

Shelf-based Inventory Management System
Implemented a sensor based shelving system to manage inventory in a retail environment.