Graphical User Interface Solutions


Embedded OS and GUI for Lab-based Biological Sampling
Packaged embedded OS platform software and custom designed GUI to complete development for a system solution used to count large sets of molecules in a single test tube.

touchpanel for airline seat control

Touchpanel Seat Controller for First Class Airline Seat
Develop airline seat passenger control panel - including hardware, software, mechanical design, and FAA certification. Product is also manufactured by RightHand Technologies.

nanotech holographic microscope

Graphical Interface for Biotech Application to Control Optical Traps Through a Microscope
Design Graphical User Interface for a complex system that integrates video from a high-powered microscope with configuration of a laser and holographic optical traps to allow scientists to manipulate cells and other nanoparticles under a microscope.

manufacturing device communications

Network Analyzer for Industrial Protocol Monitoring
Develop software for a diagnostic tool used by field engineers when solving communications issues on a Profibus or Fieldbus network in an industrial manufacturing environment.

GUI for Industrial Printing Press Quality Monitoring System

GUI for Industrial Printing Press Quality Monitoring System
Design and implement a graphical user interface for visual and automatic inspection and alarms for printing press quality monitor system.