Sophisticated Functional Test

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Sophisticated Functional TestingPerforming 100% functional testing that is cost effective on complex embedded electronics when small volumes are produced is a challenge for most companies. But not for RightHand Technologies. We are able to conduct 100% functional testing on small-volume, complex embedded electronics at an economical cost.

RightHand Technologies' design engineers, quality manager and factory technicians work together to custom design everything that is required to perform 100% functional testing and ensure your product conforms to the qualified design.

One of the biggest challenges with functional testing of small-volume, complex embedded electronics is the development of test fixtures. When large quantities of products are manufactured, the amortized cost of the test fixtures per unit is relatively small. But when small volumes are produced, the cost per unit can escalate. RightHand Technologies' talented engineers, however, are exceptionally skilled at designing and implementing custom test fixtures that cost a fraction of high-volume ones but still guarantee that the product performs 100% of the required functions.

Our sophisticated functional testing also includes the development of:

  • Functional test plans
  • Assembly and test instructions (ATI)
  • Acceptance test procedures (ATP)
  • Automated test and calibration software

In addition, RightHand Technologies provides documentation of the test results that prove that 100% of the products were fully tested and demonstrated. This document travels with the product through production, ensuring that each product conforms to the qualified design.

With RightHand Technologies' 100% sophisticated functional testing, you can be certain that your product performs as designed, but with test processes appropriately priced for the volume being manufactured.