Specialized Manufacturing

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Testing CapabilitiesRightHand Technologies specializes in high-quality, low-volume manufacturing of complex embedded electronics that are fully tested and ready to obtain difficult-to-achieve agency approvals. What makes us so good at this?

  • We have a dedicated, state-of-the-art factory that is AS9100:2009 certified, supported by our engineering design and testing functions.
  • Our manufacturing facility located in Chicago Illinois, near O'Hare Airport, is optimized for high-quality, specialized production of complex embedded electronics.
  • Our manufacturing facility is specifically designed for quick setup and tear-down, which enables us to make quick turns at each station, which is ideal for short-run production.
  • When manufacturing the products our engineers design, we apply the knowledge from prototype and testing to streamline factory builds and ensure conformity to specifications.
  • Our AS9100-certified process documents the assembly and test procedures for each product we design to ensure the transfer of knowledge from engineering to production.
  • Our quality management teams works closely with the factory to guarantee timely inspection of all products.
  • If agency approval is required, we ensure that the manufactured product is an exact match to the certified product.
  • If required, we provide a signed Certificate of Conformance (C of C), assuring the product conforms to the qualified design.

When RightHand Technologies manufactures your product, you can be certain your product meets the qualification criteria and is ready to ship.