Customer Testimonials!

Embedded Systems Software As a technical consulting company, we possess high ethical standards to ensure that the quality of work is up to the highest standard. Long-term client relationships, repeat business and referrals are the foundation that makes SSI [Now RightHand] a solid, dependable resource partner.

"The best part of our SSI [Now RightHand] experience is being able to depend on an outside resource that can deliver quality software on time with few or no defects."
M.W., TAC, Manager of Software Development

The best part of the SSI [Now RightHand] Experience was "SSI [Now RightHand]'s redesign of our complex, prototype, biomedical sensor array platform into a stable, elegantly simple and cost-effective product."
M.G., Chairman, Mammatech

"I was impressed with the quality of SSI [Now RightHand]'s work throughout this contract. I appreciated their ability to work with minimal guidance, and minimal design details. And I greatly appreciated their suggestions and alternate design proposals. Their willingness to work overtime when necessary to meet deadlines was greatly appreciated."
R. B., Cobra Electronics Corporation, Supervisor, Software Development

"Work is spectacular. More exceptional than I thought it would be. Sensors work great. They can detect the slightest pressure accurately. It is WAY beyond my expectations."
M. G., Mammacare

"Consistent high quality engineers who perform very well. SSI [Now RightHand] is the only company -- contracting or consulting -- who consistently provides the best talent who are not only technically accomplished but have excellent verbal and personal skills. I have not seen anything like it before."
W. D., Technical Manager, Andrew Corporation

"SSI [Now RightHand] is a valuable development partner. They provided a turnkey contract development project, including feasibility study, architecture, design, testing and product management. All project milestones were met on time, and SSI [Now RightHand] worked with us to integrate their software into our configuration management system."
P. H., Manager of Engineering, Westell

"SSI [Now RightHand] was contracted by Westell Technologies to help the company on several projects. The people at SSI [Now RightHand] are extremely easy to work with, from Michele, the President of SSI [Now RightHand], to all the members of the team of people that was put together for our projects. The SSI [Now RightHand] team is a state of the art, professional group of people that are goal-oriented and quality-conscious.

The SSI [Now RightHand] team members were very helpful in the product definition and implementation phases with their knowledge of data communication products and their features and functionality."
P. C., Design Engineering Manager, Westell

"Motorola requires software providers that can deliver high quality software and meet delivery schedules. SSI [Now RightHand] has met those expectations. We prescribed a rigorous development process including extensive reviews and documentation, and SSI [Now RightHand] followed it, meeting demanding schedules with quality. One key that makes SSI [Now RightHand] stand out is their flexibility. Whether it involves staffing, status tracking, or technology, SSI [Now RightHand] adapts to our needs, making them very easy to work with. I consider SSI [Now RightHand] one of our top suppliers."
C. B., Sr. Engineering Manager, Motorola

"We were able to work very effectively with the SSI [Now RightHand] team even though we were separated geographically by many miles. The project was kept on track through frequent and open dialogue with the SSI [Now RightHand] engineers, and detailed weekly status reports from SSI [Now RightHand] let me know exactly how the project was progressing. The SSI [Now RightHand] team was able to ramp-up quickly on the project and meet some very aggressive delivery dates without compromising our inspection and unit testing process steps."
T. G., Software Manager, Motorola AIEG Rochester Hills Software Center

"The thing I am the most pleased about is how resourceful the SSI [Now RightHand] engineers are at getting to the solutions. I am never bothered with trivial issues - they just get resolved. Having them on the team makes my life easier."
F. E., Motorola Department Head, Wireless Division

"Ikadega is very happy (and relieved) with our relationship with SSI [Now RightHand]: the attention we have received, the skills of our team and the work that they are producing is excellent"
J. R., Ikadega

"I am really impressed by the speed that the SSI [Now RightHand] engineers produced our product. I am used to software projects taking forever!"
C. K., Yaskawa Electric

"SSI [Now RightHand] is my favorite contract house"
S. M., Point of Sale Engineering, Sensormatic

"SSI [Now RightHand] is a great team that is highly reliable and possesses strong engineering, development and project management skills. They went beyond their initial charter and helped us resolve multiple engineering challenges and most importantly still completed the work on-time and on budget. We will continue to rely on SSI [Now RightHand] as our business grows."
A. A., CEO, Category Solutions Inc.

"With today's compressed product development cycles, successful development managers must leverage their internal strengths and compensate for their internal weaknesses by outsourcing selected projects to the right partners. SSI [Now RightHand] is the right partner for Mikohn Gaming because of their embedded firmware expertise and their responsiveness to our needs."
J. A., Vice President of Engineering for Mikohn Gaming Corporation in Las Vegas