The Company – Quantum Data

Quantum Data Quantum Data designs and manufactures test instruments to test and verify the audio, video and control products from different consumer electronics industry manufacturers.

Quantum Data’s test tools enable a four-element test regiment that includes:

  • functional testing - to ensure product requirements are met
  • compliance testing – to ensure the products meet industry standards
  • fault testing during manufacture – to ensure items are built to product design specifications
  • troubleshooting – to isolate and identify the root causes of problems

Skills – C++ Programming, Java, Tornado, Eclipse, Star Team and Debugging Skills

The Task – To Provide a Powerful Way to Run Test Codes using C++ and Provided APIs.

The RightHand Solution – Script Runner Software Development Kit (SDK)

RightHand engineers developed a powerful solution, a Script Runner Software Development Kit (SDK) that gives end users the ability to easily create their own test cases. Greater testing flexibility allows a test to be repeated and carried over to other tests. The SDK also supports the output of test results for users to check and verify.

The test codes are compiled on the local PC, then loaded to the test instruments where they are executed.

Changing the firmware involved deciphering the existing codes and the code structure, with the help of technologies including Tornado, Eclipse and Star Team. Asking the customer meaningful questions and showing initiative made an impact. The client valued the engineers taking a lead on the project.