TI's DaVinci Technology, a Unique Hardware/Software Solution

The DaVinci Technology is a family of processors with integrated software and hardware tools packaged together for a flexible solution that can be used for a host of applications from cameras to phones to handheld devices to automotive gadgets. DaVinci Technology is the combination of raw processing power and software needed to simplify and speed up the production of digital multi-media and video equipment.

Embedded ChipTI understands that developers are going through the same pains: choosing hardware and software components that worked seamlessly together. The DaVinci Technology is a packaged hardware and software solution that takes some of the guess work out of the design and helps companies bring their media products to market swiftly.

Instead of pulling together several hardware processors to create a multi-purpose device, designers can simply use a DaVinci chip instead. DaVinci also comes packed with a menu of supported, production-ready software modules that save months of development time.

One application that benefits from DaVinci Technology is the video surveillance market: bringing together digital processing, high quality compression, rich features and flexibility. Multimedia encoding/decoding and video-conferencing illustrates the complexity of embedded systems today and the need for a packaged hardware/software solutions such as DaVinci.

SmartVueThe DaVinci DSP core is capable of a multi-media framework including compressing video using the latest standards, and in all standard resolutions. It can make products like video conferencing in high definition and video analytics (from companies like SmartVue and ObjectVideo), competitive with the costs of today's lesser quality systems.

Helping drive software costs down, the DaVinci Linux OS offered by the ARM processor gives developers the freedom to leverage open source architectures and API's such as GStreamer, a multi-media framework that takes advantage of complex audio mixing, video processing and advances in codec and filter technology.

With DaVinci, companies reduce their time-to-market by starting their development with hardware that is know to work together and leveraging established or familiar software.

Getting Your Projects to Market with DaVinci

RightHand is very excited about the DaVinci platform because it will enable us as an embedded company to create more interesting applications for our customers who require DSPs for their multi-media products.

Attending conferences and sessions like the TI Developer's Conference is an RightHand investment that keeps us up-to-date on the latest technologies, tools and techniques. It's the fuel that pushes your product to market fast and with the highest quality.

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