SSI Embedded Systems Utilizes TI’s Low-Power RF and MCU Technology to Develop Advanced Wireless Sensing Applications

Glen Ellyn, Illinois (PRWEB) October 2, 2007 -- SSI Systems has teamed with Texas Instruments’ Low-Power RF and Ultra-Low-Power MCU groups to strengthen the relationship between reliable technology and SSI's quality embedded software development services. SSI has been developing products that utilize TI semiconductors for many years to help clients more easily match needs with experienced outsource partners. SSI is a member of TI’s low-power RF and MSP430 ultra-low-power microcontroller third-party developer networks.

An example of a real-world application which was developed by SSI engineers and is powered by TI products is a wireless sensing device that connects to standard force measurement sensors using a low cost ZigBee®-ready radio for point-to-multipoint connectivity. This device demonstrates how to use low-power RF technology for a multitude of remote sensing wireless applications. Implementations include environmental, security, or industrial monitoring. Sensor input could be anything from temperature/humidity to pressure to light to liquid levels.

"We are excited to have SSI join our Low-Power RF Developer Network as a provider of engineering services for our low-power wireless products,” said Mark Grazier, worldwide third-party program manager for TI’s low-power RF products. "SSI has a strong history of developing advanced solutions which allow customers to improve the performance of their wireless sensing end-equipment."

SSI is an existing member of TI’s MSP430 third-party network, which offers hardware, software and consultant support for TI’s line of ultra-low-power microcontroller products.

About SSI Systems

SSI Embedded and its sister company SSI, specializes in the design and development of wireless products. SSI is a specialty group of SSI Embeddeed Systems Programming. The two companies assist R&D principals with embedded real time product design and software development services. Since 1992, SSI has delivered quality quick-to-market solutions including rapid prototypes, device driver development, boot loaders, firmware, platform porting and embedded user interfaces.