Why RightHand Technologies?

On-Time Delivery

You need timely delivery of your project so you can get your product to market and generate revenue quickly. RightHand understands this, and has an extensive library of reusable design elements with proven functionality that are utilized for new designs. This helps to significantly compress the development schedule. RightHand also has a streamlined design tool flow and a unique, optimized process to migrate designs to manufacturing quickly and efficiently. The result: Complete complex designs in a short amount of time to achieve the desired time-to-market.

Innovative Solutions

Do you have a unique, complicated design requirement? Does your design require extended battery life? Or does it need to be able to withstand harsh environmental conditions? RightHand engineers have tackled all of these issues many times and are extremely skilled at developing innovative solutions for especially challenging implementations.

Video Excellence

Video is a unique beast unto itself, and it’s one area in which RightHand really shines. Whatever your video requirements or challenges are, come to us. Whether your video is for entertainment, medical imaging, optical recognition or any other application, RightHand experts can develop and deliver the technology needed to meet your video requirements.

Extensive Experience

RightHand Technologies' engineers average more than 20 years of experience and have proven expertise in completing custom technology projects for a variety of industries, including aerospace, military, industrial automation, medical devices and gaming.

World-Class Operational Methods

RightHand Technologies follows the CMMI operational methods standard developed at Carnegie Mellon University to continually refine and improve product development process, having a full time PMI-certified project manager overseeing all design projects. CMMI is an industry best-practice and ensures that RightHand consistently exceeds customer expectations and delivers predicted results on schedule.

RightHand Engineers
Our employee turnover rate is less than 1%.

100% of our customers recommend us
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Inception to Completion with Full Support

RightHand Technologies excels in managing projects from inception to completion, including research, design, development, tooling, verification, system-level testing and transfer to production. RightHand procures components directly from the sources and oversees assembly at state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring it all meets specifications. At RightHand, we inspect and test everything, complete the integration, conduct final assembly and testing at our own facility and ship all over the world. RightHand also provides full support following delivery.

Small-Volume Manufacturing

Manufacturing small volumes and maintaining high quality standards can be challenging. To produce small runs cost-effectively, the manufacturing process needs to be perfected with a very small sample size and without the use of equipment designed for large-scale testing and production. But we can handle it in our factory. How? RightHand builds creative test fixtures that allow us to conduct functional tests and rapidly refine the manufacturing process to ensure the products meet the required quality standards. We do this extremely efficiently and at a cost that’s proportional to the volume. We also augment our manufacturing through a proven network of printed circuit board fabrication and assembly partnerships. This allows us to provide the exact technology that is needed for your project – at the right cost.

Partner for Success

You need someone you can trust, someone responsive, for your project. That’s RightHand Technologies. Our work has earned us a reputation for helping companies solve their design problems, meet their product development goals and achieve business and financial success.