Tekscan Collaborates with RightHand Technologies to Deliver
Wireless ELF Force Sensor Measurement System

Two companies join their areas of expertise to develop a sensor measurement product that's flexibly wireless. Without cumbersome wires, force data from moving subjects and objects are more easily measured.

Chicago, Illinois (PRWEB) July 18, 2006 -- Blending the expertise of pressure sensors and wireless engineering, the business alliance between Tekscan and RightHand Technologies (RightHand), a specialty group of Embedded Systems Programming, enhances Tekscan's ELF Force Measurement System by adding wireless connectivity. Tekscan is a leading manufacturer of pressure sensors and measurement systems, and RightHand specializes in the development of hardware-based real-time software products including wireless devices.

Tekscan's portable Wireless ELF System takes the concept of a turnkey, user-friendly load measurement system one step further by eliminating cumbersome wires and enabling a laptop or PC to quickly capture and store force data from an event up to 100 feet away.

Wireless ELF combines ultra-thin (0.008”) FlexiForce single-element load sensors with quality electronics and user-friendly data analysis software.

This revolutionary system offers greater flexibility for countless force measurement applications involving mobile subjects or objects. The new wireless version of the already successful ELF System will allow customers greater freedom and flexibility in using force and pressure sensors in their product research, quality assurance and testing.

To extend Tekscan's ELF sensing system with wireless functionality, the RightHand hardware team engineered a small, battery-powered device to connect to Tekscan’s FlexiForce sensors using a low cost ZigBee-ready RF radio. Simply plugging the device into an existing USB port on a desktop computer enables point to multi-point connectivity. RightHand then extended the ELF software to communicate and accept data over the wireless connection.

Mark Lowe, Director of Sensor Business at Tekscan and FlexiForce Product Manager, describes the joint development efforts: "Working with the RightHand team was a pleasure. The engineers were knowledgeable about wireless solutions and extremely responsive to our requests. We would recommend them for other wireless initiatives."

Explaining what it means to customers seeking unique solutions, Michele Mordacq, President of RightHand Technologies, comments "The combination of Tekscan's sensor expertise and RightHand's experience in wireless communications allow for endless possibilities for customized force and pressure sensor applications. This alliance enables customers to create a new generation of devices specific to their needs and industry."

The Wireless ELF system received an honorable mention at Sensors Expo 2006.

About Tekscan

Tekscan is a leading manufacturer of force sensors and complete tactile force and pressure measurement systems. Accurate, simple to use and extremely cost-effective, their sensors have been integrated into a variety of successful OEM products. Measuring both static and dynamic pressure events, their systems provide concrete data for making crucial assessments in industrial, medical and dental applications. Products range from simple force sensors and force sensing systems to highly complex pressure measurement systems with over 100,000 sensing points.

Visit Tekscan at http://www.tekscan.com.

About RightHand Technologies

RightHand Technologies specializes in the design and development of wireless products. RightHand Technologies is a specialty group of RightHand Programming. The two companies assist R&D principals with embedded real time product design and software development services. Since 1992, RightHand has delivered quality quick-to-market solutions including rapid prototypes, device driver development, boot loaders, firmware, platform porting and embedded user interfaces. Among the current projects are appliance controls, DSL modem firmware, badge scanner and satellite radio.

Visit RightHand Technologies at http://www.righthandtech.com.